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Covid 19 updates

During the Coronavirus pandemic it was necessary for us to change our rehoming procedures here at Llys Nini due to contact restrictions. We set up a ‘virtual’ rehoming process and put in place an online adoption system. In the latter part of the pandemic as restrictions eased, we have been able to supplement this with socialising visits by appointment for reserved animals. This has meant that the Animal Centre has been much quieter without regular visitors around the animal accommodation and we have seen a noticeable positive change in our animals – they are generally more relaxed and display less behavioural problems. The same trends have been seen in other rehoming Centres across the country.

Our new rehoming process has been very successful so far, particularly for some pets that might typically be overlooked in kennels/ pens due to behaviours that some adopters would find off-putting, yet would not generally be experienced in a typical home situation.

Since our aim is to put animal welfare at the heart of our activities, and in line with many other animal charities going forward, we have taken the decision not to allow general visitors to walk around the site to view animals, but instead continue with our online booking system and associated follow up appointments.

If you have questions or are not confident in the use of our online system, our friendly staff can discuss your needs over the phone and start the process that way. Our rehoming team will continue to match adopters and pets and we will invite registered adopters to socialise with their chosen pet in a supervised situation that the animal finds comfortable.

Our pet supplies shop and outdoor children’s play area will continue to be open to general visitors, as will our designated nature trails around the site. Our fundraising team will also continue to hold a range of exciting visitor events and activities during school holidays. But please note it will not be possible to view the animals here at the Centre other than online on our website then via a post-reservation appointment. We hope everyone will be understanding of our decision.

Please see our Procedures and Fees page for more information about adopting an animal


Llys Nini is affiliated to the national RSPCA, but receives no automatic funding from it. As well as rehoming animals, Llys Nini Animal Centre works to help the environment too.


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Recycling unwanted goods such as textiles and animal bedding helps the environment and also is a way that Llys Nini can raise funds.


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