Caffi Nini

Caffi Nini is RSPCA Llys Nini’s not for profit community café.

Caffi Nini and its community resources is a brand-new building and is entirely funded by grant aid.

Caffi Nini is the first RSPCA Café which provides an income stream to the Llys Nini Animal Centre but will also be a community hub, providing a community meeting space & activities for families. A place to meet for people who want to make new friends, maybe just want to get out for an hour – see a friendly face & have a chat.

The state-of-the-art solar panels will mean the building is low carbon and low cost to run and so will provide a warm hub in the winter and cool place to be in the hotter months.

Another feature of the enterprise is to support and promote the Welsh Language and Welsh history and heritage. Llys Nini is a historic site, and we will be working with the local community and schools to help people better understand local history and the rich heritage of the area.

EVERY cuppa helps a cat – every doughnut helps a dog – every frappe helps a ferret and every bara brith helps a bunny.