Llys Nini and other animal welfare charities are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the numbers of unwanted animals. It is therefore vital that responsible pet owners have their animals neutered to prevent unwanted kittens, puppies etc.

Dog Neutering

Have you got an XL Bully type dog? If so you need to take action and get it registered with a vet and apply for an exemption order. The dogs will be banned from 31 December, if you want to keep your dog you MUST register it for an exemption order and then you will need to get it neutered.

RSPCA Llys Nini Cardiff to Swansea and RSPCA Carmarthenshire are offering some financial help if you live in the the branch areas. If you live in other parts check if Your Local RSPCA Branch to see if they can help.

Owners will also need 3rd party liability insurance – the cheapest is with Dogs Trust £25 per year

If you require help with neutering your XL Bully type dog you can apply for assistance here –

If you would like to help us save these dogs, you can make a donation – the funds will be divided between the 2 RSPCA Branches and used to help people get their dogs neutered and for general vet costs.

Other Branch Areas –

Pembrokeshire Area contact for neutering help is 01633 289399 or email – [email protected]

Ceredigion Area contact for neutering help is  07831269183 

Cat Neutering

Llys Nini, in conjunction with the Cats Protection and Bayer is pleased to announce the continuation of the £10 cat neutering campaign in the Swansea area.

Owners living in the SA1 – SA10 postcodes can have their cat neutered, microchipped, and treated for fleas and worms all for only £10. (This covers routine neutering and any non-neutering costs would need to be covered by the owner).

The guidelines for eligibility for neutering assistance apply to one or more of the following; receipt of certain means-tested benefits, low household income, full-time students living away from home, state-only pension and pension credit. Proof of eligibility will be required by the vet in order to participate in the scheme.

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If you live in any other part of Wales you can still get help with getting your cat neutered and microchipped

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