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Ok must be mad but planning on climbing Craig Goch in Patagonia today. It was a mountain first climbed by the Welsh settlers in Argentina 130 years ago today. The local descendants of those first Welsh settlers will be going up on horseback – they are now all gauchos, plus 2 of us on the ‪#‎Patagonianplod‬ for Llys Nini and about 49 people from Wales doing it for Velindre Hospital. (like James, Shane and Denise) Last night in town was more like Cardiff on international day! had trouble understanding the menu in the cafe last night, asked the waiter for help and he answered in Welsh! Amazingly there is still a lot of Welsh spoken here. so if you want to show a bit of support to this old lady who will attempt the mountain with all the youngsters and horse riders you can do so with a small donation on https://www.justgiving.com/rspca-llysnini

Magellan penguins are having to move further north each year as global warming is changing the temperature of the sea and their food is now being found nearer Brazil. There are more of them now nesting in Patagonia . Space is such that these penguins seem to be the late starters when it comes to nest building and have to use burrows at the very top of the cliffs near the foot paths. Luckily people access is controlled and the Penguins seem OK about it