Welfare Assistance

Following the closure of the RSPCA Llys Nini Neath Clinic, alternative welfare arrangements have now been put into place. 

Limited welfare assistance will be available for animals whose owners cannot afford emergency medical care for their pets and who are on low incomes. This will be assessed on a case by case basis and will not be automatically awarded. 

To be eligible for assistance: 

• The owner must live within the branch area; 

• The owner must be in receipt of the eligible welfare benefits (see list); 

• No more than 1 voucher per animal to be provided per 12 months; 

• No more than 3 pets per owner would receive a voucher within any 12 month period. 

• Must be referred by the Vet for treatment. 

• No vouchers will be provided for any new repeat prescriptions. 

Please note the scheme does not cover routine treatments such as worming/de-fleaing, neutering or vaccinations

If the application is accepted, the amount of contribution would be 50% of the treatment up to a maximum of £75.00 per client for initial treatments. This will be paid directly to the vet upon invoice.

Request a voucher online  or download a paper copy, complete and email to welfare@rspca-llysnini.org.uk 

A decision on the application will be made within 2 working days of submission. 

All of the RSPCA Llys Nini welfare assistance is funded locally through various fundraising events and through our Charity Shops and is not funded through the National Society. 

Available funds for the welfare assistance is therefore limited. 

We would encourage people to also contact the PDSA who are a national charity with the objective of providing vet treatment to the pets of people on low income.

The local PDSA contact details are:
 5 Viking Way, Llansamlet, Swansea, SA1 7DA 
Telephone: 01792 310974

Find your local PDSA